Summer 2004

A mentoring seminar for students re-entering higher education. This orientation course has as its primary goal the connecting of past experiences with present academic opportunities through an academic plan for graduation. Course activities include discussion of learning theory, completion of learning styles inventories, introduction to educational uses of information resources and technology, and the compiling of a portfolio, including an expanded resumé, an intellectual autobiography, two learning essays and an individual academic plan. On instructor recommendation, portfolios may be evaluated for degree credit for prior learning through the Faculty Evaluated Prior Learning Program.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites: completion of GE areas A2 and A3.

UNIV 310 – Class #1535 – 3 units – $495
Instructor: Inese Heinzel, M.A.

Inese Heinzel, M.A., is an independent communications consultant who has written, directed and produced organizational and training videos and multimedia projects for corporate and community clients. Her Master’s thesis, a multimedia DVD presentation entitled “The Rhetoric of Images”, is the first of its kind at SSU and is being used in media and rhetoric classrooms in colleges around the U.S.

11 mtgs: TTh, Jun 22-Jul 27, 6-10pm
Stevenson Hall 3030
UNIV 310; 3 units; $495
Class #1535